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Provironum, popularly known as Proviron, stands out as a uniquely modified form of dihydrotestosterone. What differentiates it from dihydrotestosterone is its added methyl group to carbon 1. This clever addition shields the hormone from getting metabolized in the liver during oral ingestion. It mirrors the structural modification present in oral tablets like Primobolan (metenolone). This unique alteration ensures that upon consumption, 1 position alkylation decelerates the liver metabolism of steroids, albeit not as profoundly as c-17 alpha alkylation.

Chemical Profile of Proviron

With the chemical formula C20H32O2, Provironum is an androgen much like dihydrotestosterone but boasts a relatively milder anabolic activity. Its full chemical name is an elaborate 17beta-hydroxy-l alpha-methyl-Salfa-androstan-3-one l-methyl-Salfa-dihydrotestosterone. Despite its lower overall bioavailability compared to the 17 alpha-alkaline steroids, mesterolone is resilient enough to ensure a therapeutic blood level post disintegration. Furthermore, it quickly transforms in muscle tissue to inactive diol metabolites. Such a property doesn't mean it interferes with the efficacy of other muscle-building steroids. On the contrary, Provironum enhances the activity of other steroids, making them more available in their unbound, free form.

Athletic Benefits: Why Athletes Prefer Proviron

Proviron has become a go-to for athletes, especially during their rigorous pre-competition preparations or when they are on a weight loss regimen. The reasons are manifold:

  1. It accentuates muscle stiffness and relief.
  2. It elevates the free testosterone levels in the bloodstream.
  3. Known for its positive influence on libido.
  4. Effectively blocks aromatization by binding with aromatase enzymes, thus acting as an antiestrogen, hindering the conversion of testosterone to estradiol.

With the increasing trend of Proviron for sale, many athletes and bodybuilders are inclined to buy Proviron. The convenience to purchase Proviron online makes it a preferred choice among many. Moreover, its growing presence and acceptance in AU have made it even more popular.

Understanding the Side Effects

Like every coin has two sides, Provironum, being an androgenic steroid, does come with its set of side effects. Men might face challenges like balding, excessive body and facial hair growth, skin oiliness, and potential acne. Women, on the other hand, might experience increased body and facial hair, voice deepening, menstrual irregularities, skin texture changes, and an enlarged clitoris. Another critical aspect is that mesterolone isn’t metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Thus, finanterin or dutasterin does not impact its androgenic effects.

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