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What Is T3-Max-25

T3-Max-25 Maxtreme is a synthetic thyroid hormone, namely thyroxin. In the body, this substance is one of the most powerful fat burners. It is for these purposes that a synthetic drug is used. Today, there are many means of combating fat, but thyroxine for weight loss is perhaps one of the best.

T3-Max-25 Maxtreme Buy: Effects

The thyroid gland produces two hormones: T3 and T4. The first is more powerful, but at the same time it must be applied very carefully. T3, namely, it is thyroxin, somewhat inferior to T4 in strength, but almost devoid of side effects. Although pro-builders use the hormone T4, it can lead to serious consequences. As in the case of AAS, which reduces the rate of testosterone production, artificial thyroid hormones have a similar effect on this organ. But unlike the pituitary arc, the working capacity of which is restored, the thyroid gland may cease, normal function irrevocably.

At the same time, thyroxin extremely weakly inhibits the performance of the thyroid gland and, if properly used, this effect can be neglected. You should also say that thyroxin price is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of exogenous hormone T4. If you decide to use thyroid hormones for weight loss, it is better to buy thyroxine.

Dosage And Administration Methods T3-Max-25 Maxtreme

When conducting a course of thyroxin, it is necessary to apply it according to the “slide” scheme. Start the cycle by consuming 25 milligrams of the drug and increase the dose by the same amount of the drug. As a result, on the sixth day of the course you need to use 0.15 grams of thyroxine.

It is extremely important to leave the course gradually. If you abruptly stop taking T3, then there may be negative consequences. It is quite clear that novice athletes should stay away from this type of sports club as far as possible. The hormonal system does not forgive mistakes.

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