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Thyro3, ​​which must be taken orally, is based on a substance such as liothyronine. It is an artificially obtained copy of triiodothyronine, which has the same, as he, set of useful properties. This indicates that taking the drug will allow you to experience a bright therapeutic effect, the power of which will increase as you receive the presented remedies.

Given that Thyro3 is a thyroid medication, it is taken to restore the level of thyroid hormones in the body. If, during the course, you must follow the instructions and recommendations of specialists, then you can feel an increase in the rate of flow of various types of metabolism, which guarantees an anabolic effect and a loss of a certain amount of adipose tissue. In addition, liothyronine has a fortifying effect on the body, for example, stimulates the central nervous system, has a positive effect on the liver, strengthens the heart, etc.

In no case do not need to exceed the prescribed dosage of Thyro3, ​​because it can provoke the manifestation of various side effects and enhance catabolism. Also, in such situations, the natural process of thyroid hormone production is significantly slowed down, the probability of allergy appears, the work of the heart worsens, a limb tremor occurs, a headache, etc. If, for some reason, you have taken a higher dose of the described drug, then, without losing a single minute, drink activated charcoal and call an ambulance brigade.

Thyro3 course in accordance with the recommendations of doctors will only positively affect your health. You can verify this by reading the reviews left by the athletes who took this drug. Athletes write that the course is painless, side effects do not appear so often, and the results are noticeably encouraging, because you can get rid of excess fatty tissue, improve physical fitness and strengthen the body as a whole.

All about reception features

Thyro3 has long been considered one of the most effective fat-burning agents, so both men and women from the weaker half of humanity can use it. The most important thing at the time of the course is the absence of pregnancy, because taking a hormonal drug can cause hypothyroidism in a baby.

If Thyro3 is used as a medicament, its exact daily dose is determined taking into account the disease tolerated and the individual characteristics of the organism. However, it usually ranges from 5 to 100 micrograms per day.

For the treatment of a hypothyroid state, about 25 μg of the drug should be taken daily. If this is not enough, the way out of this situation is to gradually increase the dose. A disease like non-toxic goiter is also treated with liothyronine. In this case, with an initial dosage of 5 µg / day, its maximum rate can reach 75 µg / day. As for the treatment of myxedema, the mandatory minimum is 5 mcg per day, and the maximum allowed is 100 mcg.

How to store?

During storage of Thyro3, ​​a prerequisite is the observance of precautionary measures. In this regard, the drug should be in a dry and darkened room, the ingress of direct sunlight into which is completely excluded. Also, it should be made so that the temperature in it is always room temperature, and the probability of access of children and pets to the drug is zero.

Package 25 mcg/tab. (30 tab.)
Substance liothyronine (T3)

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